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Tutankhamun is believed to be a younger brother of Smenkhkare and a son of Akhenaten, and possibly Kiya although one scholar has suggested that Tutankhamun may have been a son of Smenkhkare instead. Modern interest in Akhenaten and his queen, Nefertiti, comes partly from his connection with Tutankhamun, partly from the unique style and high quality of the pictorial arts he patronized, and partly from ongoing interest in the religion he attempted to establish. And when you wrote saying, 'May the king, my Lord, give me leave this year, and then I will go next year to the king, my Lord. [26] After this the historical record is unclear, and only with the succession of Tutankhamun is it somewhat clarified. Pauline Gedge: The Twelfth Transforming (1984), set in the reign of Akhenaten, details the construction of Akhetaten and fictionalized accounts of his sexual relationships with Nefertiti, Tiye and successor Smenkhkare. Their mothers are unknown. [34] Some of the first archaeological evidence for this agricultural system is during the Amarna period of Ancient Egypt, and the pandemic that followed this period throughout the Ancient Near East may have been the earliest recorded outbreak of influenza. Such evidence suggests that though Akhenaten shifted funding away from traditional temples, his policies were fairly tolerant until some point, perhaps a particular event as yet unknown, toward the end of the reign. In my brother's country gold is as plentiful as dust. The so-called Coregency Stela, found in a tomb in Amarna possibly shows his queen Nefertiti as his coregent, ruling alongside him, but this is not certain as the names have been removed and recarved to show Ankhesenpaaten and Neferneferuaten.[32]. However, in 2007, Zahi Hawass and a team of researchers made CT Scan images of the KV 55 mummy. There are several letters from Egyptian vassals notifying Pharaoh that the king's instructions have been followed: To the king, my lord, my god, my Sun, the Sun from the sky: Message of Yapahu, the ruler of Gazru, your servant, the dirt at your feet. In fact, the king has reflected on them as follows, "Everything you have said is not friendly." Departing from the idealized images of earlier pharaohs, Akhenaten is sometimes depicted with feminine hips and exaggerated features. Over the centuries in ancient Egypt, the term Aten then became associated more and more with the sun god. There is some evidence that he took the legendary beauty Nefertiti as a consort while he was co-king, although she is not acknowledged as queen until after Amenhotep IV began his transformation. Early on in his reign, Akhenaten fell out with the king of Mitanni, Tushratta, who had been courting favor with his father against the Hittites. Children Smenkhkare? I will give you, too, along with the statues, much additional gold and (other) goods beyond measure." Amenhotep IV continued that practice, but his attention was focused primarily on his connection to Re-Horakhty (Horus of the two horizons or God of the East), an aspect of Re. The monotheism of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament had its own separate development—one that began more than half a millenium after the pharoah’s death. Nefertiti also appears, both beside the king and alone (or with her daughters), in actions usually reserved for a Pharaoh, suggesting that she enjoyed unusual status for a queen. [63], H.R. This theory seems to originate from objects found in the tomb of Tutankhamen in the 1920s. Yuya held the title "Overseer of the Cattle of Min at Akhmin" during his life.[52]. Akhenaten attempted to abolish most of the complex mythology of the solar cycle—no longer was it a nightly struggle against the forces of evil, nor were there explanations for the existence of sorrow and evil in the world. He was the second son to Amenhotep III (ruled ca. Tutankhaten–year 8 or 9 – renamed Tutankhamun later.[9]. At first, the figures are modeled true to life in a way never seen in Egyptian art before. The daughter (or, perhaps, hoped-for future daughter) might have replaced Kiya's daughter in those scenes.[10]. Hirst, K. Kris. Yet there is nothing I know of in which I have failed my brother. Amenhotep IV broke with tradition and held his first sed festival in his second or third year as pharaoh. Who am I, a dog, and what is my house...and what is anything I have, that the orders of the king, my lord, the Sun from the sky, should not obey constantly? Early excavations at Amarna by Flinders Petrie sparked interest in the enigmatic pharaoh, and a mummy found in the tomb KV55, which was unearthed in 1907 in a dig led by Edward R. Ayrton, is likely that of Akhenaten. He is his father’s image on earth and as Akhenaten is king on earth his father is king in heaven. King Akhenaten and the religious revolution; Facts about ancient Egypt, god Aten King Akhenaten was very patient till the 4 th year of his rule, then he replaced god Amun by the new one, god Aten. The few supporters of this theory (notably Immanuel Velikovsky) consider Akhenaten to be the historical model of legendary King Oedipus of Thebes, Greece and Tiye the model for his mother/wife Jocasta. Rather than a lover, however, Smenkhkare is likely to have been a half-brother or a son to Akhenaten. Akhenaten and Nefertiti worship the Aten, Tall al-Amarnah (Amarna, Tell el-Amarna), necropolis, detail of stele, relief. However, by Year 9 of his reign, Akhenaten declared that Aten was not merely the supreme god, but the only god, and that he, Akhenaten, was the only intermediary between Aten and his people. Akhenaten's wife is believed to have, at the very least, been a relative and most likely his half-sister, Nefertiti. After four years of reign, Akhenaten began building a new city to serve as the seat of the Aten and a governmental capital of Egypt. Amenhotep IV changed his name to Akhenaten and defied tradition by establishing a new religion that believed that there is but one god; the sun god Aten. The rather strange and eccentric portrayals of Akhenaten, with a sagging stomach, thick thighs, larger breasts, and long, thin face — so different from the athletic norm in the portrayal of Pharaohs — has led certain Egyptologists to suppose that Akhenaten suffered some kind of genetic abnormality. Only the Egyptian border province of Amurru in Syria around the Orontes river was permanently lost to the Hittites when its ruler Aziru defected to the Hittites. New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty. Akhenaten (ca. Because the god Aten was referred to as "the mother and father of all humankind" it has been suggested that Akhenaten was made to look androgynous in artwork as a symbol of the androgyny of the god. The beauty of the iconic Nefertiti bust may only be skin deep. [22] Sometime after his return to Amurru, Aziru defected to the Hittite side with his kingdom. With Nicole Douek, Luc Gabolde, Marc Gabolde, Christian Loeben. Influenza is a disease associated with the close proximity of water fowl, pigs and humans, and its origin as a pandemic disease may be due to the development of agricultural systems that allow the mixing of these animals and their wastes. Significantly, and for the only time in the history of Egyptian royal art, Akhenaten's family are shown taking part in decidedly naturalistic activities, showing affection for each other, and being caught in mid-action (in traditional art, a pharaoh's divine nature was expressed by repose, even immobility). During his first regnal year, Amenhotep IV ruled from Thebes, the traditional seat of power in Egypt, and remained there for five years, calling it the "southern Heliopolis, the first great seat of Re." Further, Re's representation—a falcon-headed god—disappeared to be replaced by a new form called Aten, a solar disc extending rays of light ending in curved hands bearing gifts to the king and queen. However, Dominic Montserrat in Akhenaten: History, Fantasy and Ancient Egypt argues that "there is now a broad consensus among Egyptologists that the exaggerated forms of Akhenaten's physical portrayal… are not to be read literally"[45] Montserrat and others[61] argue that the body-shape relates to some form of religious symbolism. You have sent plated ones of wood. Akhenaten would create a city, Amarna, dedicated to his new central god Aten and move there with his family. It has also been suggested that, like his father Amunhotep III, Akhenaten may have taken some of his daughters as consorts: Meritaten, recorded as Great Royal Wife late in his reign, though it is more likely that she got this title due to her marriage to Smenkhkare, Akhenaten's co-regent; Meketaten, Akhenaten's second daughter. Joshua Norton, artist: Die! In honor of Aten, Akhenaten also oversaw the construction of some of the most massive temple complexes in ancient Egypt. Akhenaten, on the other hand, gave special prominence to his wife Nefertiti and their children. Various illnesses have been put forward. Nefertiti’s third daughter Ankhesenpaaten would eventually become her half-brother Tutankhamen’s queen. His mission is designed to protect those who are from the ancient original Christos and Yeshua bloodlines, of which he was involved in bringing to the planet, while working with … Abbreviation - AK The Guardian previously known as Akhenaton while incarnated, is from the Aton group and is intimately involved with the reclamation of Christos mission, the Paliadorian Activations on the earth. It had several royal greater-than-lifesized statues made in a new art style, located north of the temple of Amun, and near a mudbrick palace for the king. De Akhénatôn aux Hébreux - YouTube. Akhenaten,Aton temple, Karnak, Egypt, 18th dynasty For the first time in the history of ancient Egypt, women were equal to men because Aten and Akhenaten were called father and mother of all. Velikovsky also posited that Akhenaten had elephantiasis, producing enlarged legs. Akhenaten, also spelled Akhenaton, Akhnaton, or Ikhnaton, also called Amenhotep IV, Greek Amenophis, king (1353–36 bce) of ancient Egypt of the 18th dynasty, who established a new cult dedicated to the Aton, the sun’s disk (hence his assumed name, Akhenaten, meaning “beneficial to Aton”). This is thought to be part of an attempt by Horemheb to delete all trace of Atenism and the pharaohs associated with it from the historical record. You have paid no attention to the things that you did earlier. noun early ruler of Egypt who rejected the old gods and replaced them with sun worship (died in 1358 BC) • Syn: ↑Akhenaten, ↑Ikhanaton, ↑Amenhotep IV • Instance Hypernyms: ↑king, ↑male monarch, ↑Rex The name for the city employed by the ancient Egyptians is written as Akhetaten in English transliteration. The Royal Women of Amarna: Images of Beauty from Ancient Egypt. There is much silver, and I will give it to you. Akhenaten: King of Egypt. "(EA 27)[14], While Akhenaten was certainly not a close friend of Tushratta, he was evidently concerned at the expanding power of the Hittite Empire under its powerful ruler Suppiluliuma I. Freud argued that Akhenaten was striving to promote monotheism, something that the biblical Moses was able to achieve. 1+2 (1950), adventure story in which the mystery of Akhenaten provides much of the background. Tutors may have included the Egyptian high priest Parennefer (Wennefer); his uncle, the Heliopolitan priest Aanen; and the builder and architect known as Amenhotep son of Hapu. Egypt suffered a devastating military loss, losing its territories in Syria. On the contrary, Nicholas Reeves in his book Akhenaten: Egypt's False Prophet portrays a totally different image of Pharaoh, seeing his religious reformations as mere attempts for centralizing power and solidify his role as "divine monarch". Twelve years after the death of Amenhotep III, she is still mentioned in inscriptions as Queen and beloved of the King, but kings' mothers often were. Akhenaten is also believed to have composed the Great Hymn to the Aten. [47] Freud argued that Moses had been an Atenist priest forced to leave Egypt with his followers after Akhenaten's death. 1334–1325, a child of the consort known as the "Younger Wife") and the earliest 19th dynasty pharaohs led by Horemheb (ruled ca. [67], Before much of the archaeological evidence from Thebes and from Tell el-Amarna became available, wishful thinking sometimes turned Akhenaten into a humane teacher of the true God, a mentor of Moses, a Christlike figure, a philosopher before his time. Amenhotep IV (né possiblement entre -1371/-1365 et mort vers -1338/-1337, Aménophis IV4 en grec ancien d'après le nom donné par Manéthon à son prédécesseur qui lui ne le nomme pas explicitement), Akhenaton, (ou plus rarement Khounaton) est le dixième pharaon de la XVIIIe dynastie. His successors Ay and Horemheb disassembled temples Akhenaten had built, including the temple at Thebes, using them as a source of easily available building materials and decorations for their own temples. Freud commented on the connection between Adonai, the Egyptian Aten and the Syrian divine name of Adonis as a primeval unity of language between the factions;[41] in this he was following the argument of Egyptologist Arthur Weigall, but the argument was groundless as 'Aten' and 'Adonai' are not, in fact, linguistically related. Philip Glass: opera, Akhnaten: An Opera in Three Acts (1983; CBS Records, 1987), Julian Cope, track on 1992 album Jehovahkill. [citation needed] His body was probably removed after the court returned to Thebes, and reburied somewhere in the Valley of the Kings—perhaps in tomb KV55 which contained numerous Amarna era objects including a royal funerary mask which had been deliberately destroyed. Very soon afterwards, he centralized Egyptian religious practices in Akhetaten, though construction of the city seems to have continued for several more years. The largest temple Amenhotep IV built at Karnak was "Gemetpaaten" (the "Aten is Found"), built perhaps as early as the second year of his reign. Edgar P. Jacobs: comic book, Blake et Mortimer: La Mystère de la Grande Pyramide vol. As high priest, prophet, king and divine he claimed the central position in the new religious system. [15] What Rib-Hadda did not comprehend was that the Egyptian king would not organize and dispatch an entire army north just to preserve the political status quo of several minor city states on the fringes of Egypt's Asiatic Empire. In the end, Akhenaten was forced to release Aziru back to his homeland when the Hittites advanced southwards into Amki thereby threatening Egypt's series of Asiatic vassal states including Amurru. "Akhenaten: Heretic and Pharaoh of New Kingdom Egypt." His father had built his authority on the basis of being a divine representative of Re, the Egyptian sun god. [edit] Akhenaten's international relations. There has also been interest in the identity of the Pharaoh Smenkhkare who was the immediate successor to Akhenaten. Monuments Akhetaten, Gempaaten, Hwt-Benben. Ruins of Pharaoh Akhenaton's capital Tell el-Amarna (Akhetaten). Come yourself, or send your son [now], and you will see the king at whose sight all lands live. Amenhotep III's heir was to be his eldest son, Thutmosis, but when he died unexpectedly, Amenhotep IV was made heir and at one point co-regent to his father for perhaps the last two or three years of his reign. Aten's name is also written differently after Year 9, to emphasize the radicalism of the new regime, which included a ban on images, with the exception of a rayed solar disc, in which the rays (commonly depicted ending in hands) appear to represent the unseen spirit of Aten, who by then was evidently considered not merely a sun god, but rather a universal deity. Death of Amentotep IV AkenAton, Pharaoh of Egypt at ... "Akenaton Pharaoh of Egypt", "Echnaton", "Akhenaton", "Ikhnaton", "Khuenaten", "Akhenaten", "Amenhotep", "Amenhotep IV", Pharaoh Reigned 1350 - 1334 BC, aka Neferkheperure-Wa'enre Akhenaten; aka Amenhotep IV; first monotheist; (`Akhenaton' = `He Who is of Service to Aten');, Farao, [nts~ 'ay-pok'], Pharaon. While the pharaoh had other wives as well, depiction… Akhenaten: Heretic and Pharaoh of New Kingdom Egypt. [20] Akhenaten wrote: Say to Aziru, ruler of Amurru: Thus the king, your lord (ie: Akhenaten), saying: The ruler of Gubla (ie: Byblos), whose brother had cast him away at the gate, said to you, "Take me and get me into the city. It was a common, and expected, tradition among ancient Egyptian pharaohs, for the ruler to marry the eldest daughter of his father. After his death, traditional religious practice was gradually restored, and when some dozen years later rulers without clear rights of succession from the Eighteenth Dynasty founded a new dynasty, they discredited Akhenaten and his immediate successors, referring to Akhenaten himself as "the enemy" or "that criminal" in archival records. A total eclipse occurred on May 14, 1338 BCE, and it lasted for over six minutes, which must have seemed an omen of displeasure from the king's chosen parent. She was her husband’s Great Royal Wife (favored consort) when he ascended the throne in Thebes as Amenhotep IV. And the same year, Akhenaten became a true fanatic. [51], Ahmed Osman has claimed that Akhenaten's maternal grandfather Yuya was the same person as the Biblical Joseph. Nor have you sent me the goods that your father was going to send me, but you have reduced (them) greatly. Directed by Tilman Remme. We're Related to Royalty and Famous People, Nebmaatre Amenhotep III, Pharaoh of Egypt, Tiye [Taia, Tiy and Tiyi], Queen of Egypt, Thutmoses III Adopted son of Nefretiti became Pharoah Hapshetsut, Ankhkheperure Smenkhkare, Pharaoh of Egypt, Djhutmose, High Priest of Ptah at Memphis, Birth of Amentotep IV AkenAton, Pharaoh of Egypt. It was discovered in the house of Paneshy, at Tel El Amarna during the excavations of the Egypt Exploration Society in 1926-27. He likely belonged to the local nobility of Akhmim. 1386 to 1350 BCE) and his primary wife Tiy. [48] They also state that two of the three principal Judaic terms for God, Yahweh, Elohim (meaning roughly "the lofty one", morphologically plural), and Adonai (meaning "our lord", also morphologically plural) have no connection to Aten. (ie: to Egypt) If this is impossible, I will send my son in my place'--the king, your Lord, let you off this year in accordance with what you said. He demanded more and more temples to be built as rapidly as possible—the South Cemetery at Amarna contains the remains of children whose bones show evidence of hard physical labor. Evidence suggests that the troubles on the northern frontier led to difficulties in Canaan, particularly in a struggle for power between Labaya of Shechem and Abdi-Heba of Jerusalem, which required the Pharaoh to intervene in the area by dispatching Medjay troops northwards. The-Aten’s early didactic name included ‘Shu who is the – Aten’ (Shu was replaced by Re from Akhenaten’s 9 th-year (Watterson,-2002,-p.63), which I perceive as an example of the evolution of Akhenaten’s doctrine during his reign) and Akhenaten and Nefertiti are depicted as the twin deities – and therefore as the children of the-Aten. When Rib-Hadda appealed in vain for aid to Akhenaten and then turned to Aziru, his sworn enemy to place him back on the throne of his city, Aziru promptly had him dispatched to the king of Sidon where Rib-Hadda was almost certainly executed.[17]. ThoughtCo, Aug. 28, 2020, Further information: Moses and Monotheism. 1379–1336 BCE) was one of the last pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty of the New Kingdom Egypt, who is known for briefly establishing monotheism in the country. Some recent debate has focused on the extent (if any) to which Akhenaten forced his religious reforms on his people. [28], Similarly, although it is accepted that Akhenaten himself died in Year 17 of his reign, the question of whether Smenkhkare became co-regent perhaps 2 or 3 years earlier or enjoyed a brief independent reign is unclear. Donald B. Redford has noted that some have viewed Akhenaten as a harbinger of Jesus. Portaal. [citation needed] Tutankhaten changed his name to Tutankhamun in Year 2 of his reign (1332 BC) and abandoned the city of Akhetaten, which eventually fell into ruin. In the same 1960 work, Oedipus and Akhnaton, Velikovsky not only saw Akhenaten as the origin of Oedipus, but also identified him with a Pharaoh mentioned only in Herodotus, "Anysis of the city of the same name" — Akhenaten of Akhetaten. Aten created and fashioned the cosmos, authorized life, created people and languages and light and dark. Akhenaten’s transformation of religion brought with it radical changes in artistic conventions. Akhenaten is considered one of the most mysterious pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Akhenaten. So perform your service for the king, your lord, and you will live. [70], Drawing of Akhnaton Cairo Cast[edit] Plays, Savitri Devi: play Akhnaton: A Play (Philosophical Publishing House [London], 1948), Agatha Christie: play, Akhnaton (written in 1937, published by Dodd, Mead and Company [New York], 1973, ISBN 0-396-06822-7; Collins [London], 1973, ISBN 0-00-211038-5). [69], Redford (1987) argued that whilst Akhenaten called himself the son of the Sun-Disc and acted as the chief mediator between god and creation, it is must be noted that kings for thousands of years before Akhenaten’s time had claimed the same relationship and priestly role. Current literature by Eric Cline, Nicholas Reeves, Peter Dorman and other scholars comes out strongly against the establishment of a long coregency between the 2 rulers and in favour of either no coregency or a brief one lasting 1 to 2 years, at the most. Akhenaten (pronounced /ˌɑːkəˈnɑːtən/;[1] often also spelled Echnaton, Akhnaton, or rarely Ikhnaton; meaning Effective spirit of Aten) was known before the fifth year of his reign as Amenhotep IV (sometimes given its Greek form, Amenophis IV, and meaning Amun is Satisfied). Tell El Amarna Egypt Akhetaten added 41 new photos to the album: Queen Nefertiti. However, depictions of members of the court, especially members of the royal family, are extremely stylized, with elongated heads protruding stomachs, heavy hips, thin arms and legs, and exaggerated facial features. [citation needed] Akhenaten's name never appeared on any of the king lists compiled by later Pharaohs and it was not until the late 19th century that his identity was re-discovered and the surviving traces of his reign were unearthed by archaeologists. Shopping. Akhenaten commanded Aziru to come to Egypt and proceeded to detain him there for at least one year. Akhenaten is still a very mysterious person for researchers. Akhenaten depicted as a sphinx at Amarna.The relationship between Amenhotep IV and the priests of Amun-Re gradually deteriorated. Ankhesenpaaten, later Queen of Tutankhamun – year 4. The song 'Cast Down the Heretic' by the death metal band Nile on the album Annihilation of the Wicked. K. Kris Hirst is an archaeologist with 30 years of field experience. Dorothy Porter: verse novel, Akhenaten (1991), Moyra Caldecott: The Ghost of Akhenaten (eBook, 2001, ISBN 1-899142-89-4; 2003, ISBN 1-84319-024-9), Lynda Robinson: mystery, Drinker of Blood (2001, ISBN 0-446-67751-5), Gilbert Sinoue: Akhenaton, Le Dieu Maudit (Akhenaten, the Cursed God) (2005, ISBN 2070300331). (EA 378)[19]. The facade of the shrine. Her work has appeared in scholarly publications such as Archaeology Online and Science. Now the king has heard as follows, "You are at peace with the ruler of Qidsa. Early images of Nefertiti show a stereotypical young woman, but in later ones she is a near mirror image of Akhenaten. The black death has also been suggested by Zahi Hawass because at Amarna the traces of the plague have been found. Scholars have debated the reasons for this peculiar almost other-worldly representations, but perhaps the figures represent Akhenaten's notions of the infusion of light brought from the solar disk into the bodies of the king and queen. Akhenaten (ca. [54] Some Egyptologists[55], however, give him a Mitannian (Armenian) origin. The future Akhenaten was a younger son of Amenhotep III and his Chief Queen Tiye, his elder brother Crown Prince Thutmose having died when both were children. Meritaten, Meketaten, Ankhesenpaaten, Neferneferuaten Tasherit, Neferneferure, Setepenre, Tutankhamun, Ankhesenpaaten-ta-sherit? As early as 1899 Flinders Petrie declared that, If this were a new religion, invented to satisfy our modern scientific conceptions, we could not find a flaw in the correctness of this view of the energy of the solar system. Yet you acted delinquently by taking the mayor whose brother had cast him away at the gate, from his city. Within a decade a comprehensive political, religious and artistic reformation began promoting a return of Egyptian life to the norms it had followed during his father's reign. Or, it has been suggested, Akhenaten's (and his family's) portraiture exaggerates his distinctive physical traits. Its first appearance was during the reign of Tuthmosis IV in the 18th Dynasty, and that was Akhenaten… They want to throw you into the fire....If for any reason whatsoever you prefer to do evil, and if you plot evil, treacherous things, then you, together with your entire family, shall die by the axe of the king. Putnam’s Sons, 1949, ISBN 0-399-10234-5; Chicago Review Press, 2002, paperback, ISBN 1-55652-441-2), Gwendolyn MacEwen: King of Egypt, King of Dreams (1971, ISBN 1-894663-60-8), Allen Drury: A God Against the Gods (Doubleday, 1976) and Return to Thebes (Doubleday, 1976), Naguib Mahfouz: Akhenaten, Dweller in Truth (العائش فى الحقيقة) (1985), Andree Chedid: " Akhenaten and Nefertiti's dream". And it is true. By the time Akhenaten took the throne, his family had been ruling Egypt for nearly two hundred years and had established a huge empire dominating Palestine, Phoenicia, and Nubia. These buildings at Thebes were later dismantled by his successors and used as infill for new constructions in the Temple of Karnak; when they were later dismantled by archaeologists, some 36,000 decorated blocks from the original Aton building here were revealed which preserve many elements of the original relief scenes and inscriptions.[40]. Son of Nebmaatre Amenhotep III, Pharaoh of Egypt and Tiye [Taia, Tiy and Tiyi], Queen of Egypt Rib-Hadda wrote a total of 60 letters to Akhenaten pleading for aid from the pharaoh. [citation needed], Some aspects of Akhenaten's relationship with the Aten have been likened to the relationship, in Christian tradition, of Jesus Christ with God - particularly in interpretations which emphasise a more monotheistic interpretation of Atenism than henotheistic. He demoted the Theban gods (Amun, Mut, and Khonsu), had their temples dismantled, and killed or sent away the priests. It has also been suggested that after the death of Akhenaten, Nefertiti reigned with the name of Neferneferuaten[31] but other scholars believe that this female ruler was rather Meritaten. Recent CT scans of Tutankhamun report a cleft palate and a fairly long head, as well as an abnormal curvature of the spine and fusion of the upper vertebrae, a condition associated with scoliosis, all conditions associated with Marfan's syndrome[60]. The next year, two of their daughters died, and his mother Queen Tiy died in the 14th year. Inscriptions refer to a daughter of Meritaten, Meritaten-ta-sherit and may record a daughter for Ankhesenpaaten, Ankhesenpaaten-ta-sherit, though the latter depends on a questionable reading of a single fragmentary inscription. Normally, but by no means always, kings held their first jubilee after they had ruled 30 years. However Akhenaton's case is different through the emphasis placed on the heavenly father and son relationship. Consider the people that are training you for their own advantage. Much of the art and building infrastructure created during Akhenaten's reign was defaced or destroyed in the period following his death, particularly during the reigns of Horemheb and the early Nineteenth Dynasty kings. Akhenaten drastically revised the religious and political structure of Egypt, developed new art and architectural styles, and generally caused great chaos during the Middle Bronze Age. An alternate theory suggests she was a princess from the Mittani kingdom in northern Syria. Akhenaten's chief wife was Nefertiti, made famous to the modern world by her exquisitely sculpted and painted bust, now displayed in the Altes Museum of Berlin, and among the most recognised works of art surviving from the ancient world. Amarna letter EA 27 preserves a complaint by Tushratta to Akhenaten about the situation: "I...asked your father, Mimmureya, for statues of solid cast gold, one of myself and a second statue, a statue of Tadu-Heba (Tadukhepa), my daughter, and your father said, "Don't talk of giving statues just of solid cast gold. I indeed prostrate myself at the feet of the king, my lord, my god, my Sun...7 times and 7 times, on the stomach and on the back. With Akhenaten's death, the Aten cult he had founded gradually fell out of favor. Amenhotep's jubilee didn't celebrate Amun, Ptah, Thoth, or Osiris; there was only one god represented: Re, the sun god. The next successor was Neferneferuaten, a female Pharaoh who reigned in Egypt for 2 years and 1 month. (accessed April 9, 2021). ThoughtCo. He identified these with the rulers Akhenaten and Smenkhkare. Akhenaten: Egypt's False Prophet is an easy to read book. His actions would turn against a society that Sooke explains had about 2,000 gods. Kerr: The Akhenaten Adventure Akhenaten is said to be the holder of 70 lost Djinn. D'Egypte (Parents : Amenophis IV Akhenaton Amenhotep IV Néferkhéperou Rê D' EGYPTE , Pharaon de la 18è dynastie d'EGYPTE, 10è Souverain, D'Egypte † & Tiyi Nefertiti La Belle D' EGYPTE de Mitanni, D'Egypte †) During his reign, the Pharaoh Akhenaten was able to abolish the complex pantheon of the ancient Egyptian religion and replace it with a single God, Aten, who had no image or form.

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